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21 March 2023

  • curprev 19:1419:14, 21 March 2023Alexander talk contribs 1,105 bytes +1,105 Created page with "== Country in Asia == {{Noun |Entry = Butania |Genetive = Butaniae |Gender = f |Meaning = |Declension = Butania<1> |Alternative forms = |Derived terms = |Etymology = : Borrowed from French ''Bhoutan'', from Nepali भुटान (''bhuṭān''), from Prakrit 𑀪𑁄𑀝𑁆𑀝𑀁𑀢 (''bhŏṭṭaṃta'', “Tibet”, literally “end of Tibet”); probably ultimately from Tibetan བོད (''bod'', “Tibet”) + Sanskrit अन्त (''anta'', “en..."