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This page is used to discuss the deletion of individual wiki entries.
Please put this page on your watch list, so that you may not miss any new proposals.

How decisions are made:

Deletions are decided by an administrator, however any candidate for deletions should be debated for at least seven days. (see End of debate).

How to create a topic:

  • Please look in advance to see if a deletion has already been considered.
  • Press "Add topic" above and provide in the topic a link to the page that you want to be deleted.
  • Write down your reasoning.
  • Click on "Send".
  • Set the {{Candidate for deletion|[INSERT LINK TO DISCUSSION]}} template in the entry you think is worth deleting.

How to react to a topic:

  • Press "Reply". Set depending on your opinion {{Cōnsentiō}} or {{Dissentiō}} at the beginning of your comment and then write down your reasoning.
  • Please set {{Cōnsentiō}} or {{Dissentiō}} only once. If you change your mind during the debate, you can cross out your comment with <s>[YOUR COMMENT]</s> and express your changed opinion again. For documentation purposes, do not delete any comment!

End of debate:

Debates are to be debated for at least seven days. They may go longer, until all meaningful arguments have been exchanged or all objections have been resolved. At the end of the debate, an administrator will look at both parts of the argument and decide whether to keep the entry or not.
Entries that obviously violate our Guidelines can be deleted immediately by an administrator.


From time to time the closed discussions are archived for the purpose of overview and moved to a subpage. An administrator will provide a short summary of the discussion, if necessary, so that later readers have an overview.