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Acadēmīa Latīnitātis, an English-Neo-Latin dictionary

Currently, there are 85 English words in 48 entries with 96 Latin translations.

Welcome to the English-Latin Dictionary Acadēmīa Latīnitātis, a collaborative project to produce a dictionary for the use of modern Latin. Feel free to use the search bar!
We named ourselves after the Académie française because our goals go further than that of an ordinary dictionary. In addition to purely descriptive entries, our goal is to coin new Latin words to keep the language alive. We want to cultivate Latinity and hope that one day it will become more widespread again.
We are currently trying to focus on documenting and creating Neo-Latin vocabulary (i.e., Latin from the Middle Ages to the present). Therefore, this dictionary does not (yet) represent most of the words that were already found in antiquity. For this, we recommend the dictionaries provided on
Acadēmīa is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) which means that you may use the content for free as long as you also provide the content for free.
Random Latin fact
Gaius Jūlius Caesar

The Roman first name Gaius is, despite the common misspelling "Gajus", trisyllabic. In numerous poems by the Roman poet Martial, we see that the name cannot be bisyllabic for metrical reasons. Presumably, the name is a contraction of the name Gavius.


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