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Capital city of Norway

Osloa, Osloae, f

Noun [Cite]


First-declension noun, singular only.

Case Singular
Nominative Osloa
Genitive Osloae
Dative Osloae
Accusative Osloam
Ablative Osloā
Vocative Osloa


From Norwegian Oslo, from Old Norse Ósló, Ásló f or n. The first element is disputed, but is likely from ǫ́ss, áss (“god; one of the Æsir”), from Proto-Germanic *ansuz. Another theory is that it comes from áss (“hill, beam”), from Proto-Germanic *ansaz, but this is unlikely. The second element is f or n (“meadow”), from Proto-Germanic *lauhō f, *lauhaz m.


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