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Welcome to the Community portal!

This page provides a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news about Acadēmīa.

Learn how to create and edit entries
Read how entries are to be written
Find out how Acadēmīa organises itself


The Forum is the marketplace of the Acadēmīa. This is where the heart of the debates beats, where the important decisions are made. Feel free to look at the individual sections of the forum!
post, watch, search
Discuss and propose motions on Acadēmīa
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Discuss and propose candidates for deletion
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Create and discuss new terms in Latin
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Cast a vote on controversial issues.
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Ask questions or make suggestions about creating and editing entries
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All non-wiki related stuff ends up here. Rest and drink a jug of fine wine

Help out

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try.

Fix spelling, grammar and content
No pages meet these criteria.
Expand short entries
Check and add references

Community bulletin board

The latest news regarding the Acadēmīa are published in the Nuntiī Acadēmīae. Check out the main page for more information!